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How You can Advertise in a Program Book for a Fashion Show?

Fashion Colleges in India and some Mass communication Institute also provides various Programme in Fashion but they may not tell you that how to advertise in a program book for a fashion show.


You should consider advertising in a program book for a fashion show if you have a product or service that would be useful for people in the fashion industry.

Program books are seen by models, designers, attendees and even the friends and families of these people as the programs are taken home and are further distributed as well as viewed. Advertising in a program book for a fashion show is a wonderful idea for a makeup professional, hair stylist, fabric wholesaler or even a budding designer.

Here are some instructions which you need to do to:


Step 1 - In your location or area, search for fashion shows. You can search Internet sites like Craigslist. You can do a Google news search for charity fashion shows and fashion shows.

Step 2 – Meet or contact the fashion show coordinator. Fashion show advertising and announcements will have the contact information for the coordinators. These are the people who can refer you to the correct person, about placing an ad in the program book.

Step 3 – Search out what type of ads you can submit. Companies have rules for the kinds of ads that are permitted in their fashion show program book. Some may want family friendly or stick to sponsorships or allow outright advertising. You should know this so you can gear your ad to what fits the format.

Step 4 - See previous program books and a previous fashion show that how ads have come out. This will let you see the quality of printed ads and help you decide how detailed or simplistic your ad should be.

Step 5 - Design your ad and write your ad and add any images to it. Shrink it down to the actual size of the ad you are purchasing and print it on your own printer to make sure that it is clear as well as readable.

Step 6 – Submit your ad and pay for it. By the deadline set, submit your ad by the fashion show coordinator. Submit your payment with the ad. If you are not attending the fashion show then arrange to receive a copy of the program book after the show.

So, I hope these instructions are helpful for you.


Fashion institute in India offers various courses

No-a-days, all students are moving for a MBA course or programme in which they are interested in making their carrier. Programme in Fashion Technology is also on demand. So, Fashion institute in India offers you many courses or you can say many choices.

Various Courses offered are:

Fashion Communication

It is a four-year undergraduate degree program which prepares student for several prestigious professional fields such as- Graphic Design, Photography, Visual Merchandising, Advertising, Fashion Journalism, Retail Management and Event Managements.

Fashion Design

It is also a 4-year degree course in which students are trained according to the national as well as international demand of the market.

Apparel Production

It is a four year bachelor program that imparts theoretical, conceptual and practical knowledge pertaining to apparel manufacturing technology. The emphasis is on best practices in apparel production coupled with understanding of information technology related to apparel production industry. This program prepares professionals who are capable to significantly contribute to the fashion technology industry.

Accessory Design

One of the most focused design courses in the Indian design education environment is accessory design. The program provides a thorough working knowledge of related materials, processes and technologies in the areas of leather goods, gift wear, footwear, tableware, precious and costume jeweler and students graduate with conceptual as well as technical strength.

It also delves into the design of personal products like writing instruments, eyewear and watches. Graduating students move on to work and contribute significantly in the domain of fashion based products, accessories, packaging and display design. The Accessory Design program is now a four-year degree course.

Textile Design and Development


Knitwear Design and Technology

The course was two-year postgraduate diploma program introduced in 1994. Now, it is a four-year undergraduate degree program. The program is structured keeping in view the needs of the knitwear industry.

So, you can choose any of these courses as per your choice.