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Media Studies: An Academic Discipline

Programme in Media also comes in the Management Courses in India that deals with the history, content and effects of several media; the ‘mass media’ in particular. This subject varies in methodological and theoretical focus, but may be divided into three interrelated areas – the critique of artistic styles and aesthetic forms (narrative, genre and many more), the study of the production process and sociological analysis.

Programme in Media draw on traditions from both the humanities and the social sciences and overlap in interests with related disciplines such as Mass communication Course, communication, communication sciences and communication studies. Researchers develop and employ methods and theories from disciplines including rhetoric, cultural studies, philosophy, psychology, literary theory, political science, economics, social theory, political economy, sociology, anthropology, art history and criticism, film theory and information theory.

Media courses encompass:


  • Mass communication
  • Journalism
  • Media influence
  • Political economy
  • Creative industries
  • Cultural studies
  • Media psychology
  • Media production

Most journalism and production courses incorporate media courses content, but academic institutions establish separate departments. Students of media course may see themselves as observers of media, not practitioners or creators. These distinctions vary across national boundaries. The essential definition of media studies involves the study of media effects.

Within media studies, separate strands exist like television studies. Film studies is considered a separate discipline, though video and  television games studies grew out of it, as made evident by the application of basic critical theories like feminism, psychoanalysis and Marxism.

Media theory looks at how the corporate ownership of media distribution and production affects society and provides a common ground to social conservatives and liberals and socialists. The study of the techniques and effects of advertising forms a cornerstone of media studies.


Scope of Audio Visual Media Course in India

B school Institutes in India offer various programme in Media. Audio Visual Media course in India includes among others, journalism, film making, media promotion, brand promotion and planning, media studies and even photography. Audio Visual Media Course is your domain if you have a burning zeal to showcase your creative prowess with your communication skills through a lens based media. 

Qualifications Required

In Audio Visual Media studies, for doing an undergraduate course, you need to pass the Higher Secondary Examinations (10+2) in any discipline. But, for the post graduate course you need to have a graduation in either Audio Visual Media studies or other related fields of study.

Benefits of Audio Visual Media course


By doing a course in Audio Visual Media studies you can get a high degree of competency in screenplay writing, filmmaking, editing, documentary film making, journalism and many other interesting as well as potentially challenging fields of study.

The era of consumerism and globalization is creating a huge demand for professionals in the audio visual media. So, the course prepares you on both the theoretical and practical aspects of this field of study and enables you to make a career out of it.

Scope in India


By gaining a degree or a diploma in audio visual media studies you can join the bandwagon of main stream documentary film makers, filmmakers, television film makers, screenplay writers as well as other creative fields of activity concerning the media.

You can also become a part of the crew of a television channel, production company, media house, animation studio, advertisement agency and learn the nuances of this industry. Modern day India boasts of prestigious news channels advertisement firms, film production companies and animation studios. The Hindi film industry in Mumbai known as Bollywood, provides variety of job opportunities for deserving aspirants. Too much diligence and tenacity is needed to come out in the field of audio visual media studies.

So, there is really a good scope of Audio Visual Media studies in India.

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Diploma Courses in Media are also in demand

Primarily, the Diploma Courses are designed for those who are planning a career in the media. The courses in Media attempt to go beyond methods by encouraging the student to question the social framework within which the media operate.

Besides the classroom teaching, the emphasis is also on group projects, assignments as well as independent study.

Eligibility to Public Relations / Journalism / Advertising & Marketing / Film Production / Marathi Journalism is Graduation. Those students who are interested in these Diploma Courses in Media must sit for the institutes written Entrance Test and Interview.

Diploma course or programme in media work is demanding. Weekend activities, Assignments, field trips take more time and energy than students anticipate. If it is not easy for you to make a year-long commitment then it is advisable to opt for short-term courses or for workshops. You may register in a good MBA College or institute for their distance education programme in Media online, where you can study at your own pace. Your achievement depends largely on your initiative and enthusiasm.

In a good institute, the course load averages between two to three sessions per day over a five-day week. The weekly load is accordingly adjusted when weekends are taken for workshops and production. For each and every hour of class time, a student is expected to put in two or more hours daily, of private study by way of reading, assignments, reflection, research or case study and special projects.

To qualify for any one of the diplomas, a student should have fulfilled the course requirements successfully: 75% attendance and an average grade ‘C’ in the finals. This requirement is applicable to the certificate courses also.

So, if you want to make your carrier in Media then you may also go for Diploma Courses.