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Acquire training in retail with a short-term programme

Retail sector is getting organized with huge influx of foreign companies and opening up of subsidiaries/franchises in India. This has triggered a highly positive change in the Indian retail sector. It is gradually undergoing a sea change and therefore as retail professional you should keep yourself equipped with the new changes/trends in the market. If you want to gain additional knowledge and skills in retail, then you can opt for a short term programme in retail. As a working professional, it is absolutely necessary that you keep yourself abreast of all the changes in the market and keep yourself updated.

A specialized program in retail will help you rise high in the retail and FMCG sector. It will provide you the relevant training and knowledge in retail and cover topics such as retailing in India, Retail trends, forecasting tools & techniques, retail tactics, retail segmentation, visual merchandising, retail promotions etc. You can increase your knowledge and skills with such a programme. It will help you to improve your job prospects considerably.

WLCI College, one of the top management institutes in India which along with a full-time management course offers various short-term programmes in management. It offers a well prepared certificate course in retail.