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Advertising & Graphic Design: An upcoming career option!

Advertising is an upcoming career option with rewarding career prospects. Advertising colleges as well as various top business schools in India offer courses in advertising and programme in graphic design. The courses are taught at post graduation level in various institutions across India.  There are a few reputed institutions in India that run PG courses for graphic designing and impart valuable knowledge required for making imaginative and aesthetic designs that speak of class and superiority.

Innumerable individuals possess a creative bent of mind that can grow from a hobby to a possible career option. For such individuals choosing a programme in graphic design or advertising is a suitable and satisfying option. Both are interlinked since many artists join advertising houses to work as graphic designers or graphic artists. Advertising colleges therefore offer degrees and diplomas in graphic design which can enhance the creative skills of a potential artist.

For individuals who are good at drawing, a programme in graphic design and animation are perfectly suited for them as a profession. Top business schools in India impart training to students for developing artistic and visually pleasing designs with the help of latest softwares and technology. Both the courses in advertising and graphic design are very creative as well as interesting. Especially in India, these courses are in much demand since there is no dearth of imaginative and skilled people with a creative bend of mind.

Top B Schools in India Can Provide a Rewarding Career!

Pursuing a course in business management can offer a rewarding career with innumerable facilities and a high status. There are various top business schools in India, who offer varied types of management courses with specialization in human resource, finance, marketing etc. This is a sought after career option for youths of today since career growth and prospects are immense with the chance of reaching up to top managerial levels and visiting international places frequently.

Though there are innumerable MBA colleges in India, but it is always advisable to go conduct a proper research and then get enrolled; since a huge amount of money is involved. WLCI is considered one of the top B Schools India that has a curriculum matching the recent industry demands with a high quality standard. Moreover they also have an industrial training plan that is highly beneficial for the students and provides them with hands on experience.

WLCI also offers a degree affiliated to the renowned Sikkim Manipal University, which can help students to get high paying jobs. They have successfully churned out various business graduates in different sectors. The professional training methodology and the opportunity to work closely with the industry are considered the best parts of their MBA programme. Several students who have taken up courses in such top business schools in India have turned out much more confident, smart and knowledgeable. These future business managers can face the world with more confidence.

Sales Presentation Marketing Planning

Various courses in marketing management are available in b school in India. But only top business school in India provides the complete and relevant process of Sales and Marketing. The scope of Sales and Marketing are really high in not only in India but also in every parts of the World.

Sales Presentation


The process of selling involves a series of steps which may appear to be a straight-line process, but there is much movement back and forth between its different steps that will lead to closing the deal ultimately. The sales person must master the steps of the sales process because these steps focus on the objective of getting new clients and getting orders from them.

This course will transmit know how related to effective sales presentation skills. The goal of this course is to explain the approaches used to create an effective sales presentation and describe the several ways of closing a presentation. This course is very interactive and informative with many practice questions.

Duration of the Course: Approximately 90 minutes.

Learning Outcomes: After pursuing this course, you will be able to

  • Define a sales presentation
  • Identify the steps in selling process
  • Create an effective sales presentation
  • Deliver high quality sales presentations



You do not require previous knowledge about the concept.

Marketing Planning


Along with all the resources of a company, the management process combined with effective managerial practices together work towards achieving organizational objectives and goals.

The aims of this course are to explain the Marketing Planning concept and its process. It also explains the concept of Planning and Marketing Planning as well as the resources required in the firm. And, highlight the several steps involved in the Planning process. The course is highly interactive and informative with many practice questions.

Duration of the Course: Approximately 90 minutes.

Learning Outcomes: After pursuing this course, you will be able to

  • Highlight the importance and benefits of Planning
  • Trace the relationship between Corporate and Marketing Planning
  • Explain the key 5M resources needed in an organization



No previous knowledge about the concept is required.

So, just do this course of Sales and Marketing before joining any organization.