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Pursue a management course which provides on-the-job training

Management courses are highly popular among students. A business management course equips with capabilities, skills and knowledge that helps one to create a successful career ahead. If you want to study management, ensure that you choose a business school that also offers on-the-job training because it will help you move up the ladder faster in the corporate world.On-the-training will provide you the relevant experience while you are still studying the course. It will help you gain the required knowledge and develop abilities to deliver results at the workplace even before you graduate. With such advantages, you will be highly considered by employers from top organizations. With such training you can also expect higher salaries as compared to non-trained graduates.

WLC College (WLCI) is a unique college that offers on-the-job training to students with its business management course. The training is imparted under its highly acclaimed training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’ program. Students work part-time along with the course in top organization and gain valuable work experience.

Significance of on-the-job training

On-the-job training is of immense significance in a professional programme. Whether you want to pursue a business management course or creative courses such as fashion or graphic design, make sure that the professional institute you choose offers on-the-job-training feature. This kind of training should be looked forward to as it is of great importance. It helps you to gain practical knowledge and abilities which are required at the workplace. It trains you to strive for excellence in your chosen field by delivering high quality work output and achieving targets. The training will help you gain real learning as you will know the different process involved in each function. On-the-job training will improve your job prospects during the final placements considerably.

WLC College (WLCI), a premier institute in India imparting high quality professional education for the past 17 years offers on-the-job training alongside the courses. The college which offers business management course, fashion course and graphic design course provides on-the-job training to its students under its flagship training program known as the ‘Traineeship Advantage’. Student work part-time along with the job and get an attractive stipend.

WLCI’s on-the-job training program highly beneficial for students

WLC College (WLCI), one of the best management institutes in the country has pioneered a unique on-the-job training program known as the Traineeship Advantage. The college offers students an excellent opportunity to gain experience in a real corporate environment with this program.

This training has proven to be highly useful for students as they get to work in a real job environment and get real experience as (part-time) employees. This training helps them to acquire practical knowledge of the concepts and principles taught in the class. They also earn a handsome stipend during their training. The trained students are highly considered by employers of top organizations for hiring during the final recruitment process. Students by virtue of being WLCI are eligible to apply for this highly beneficial program of the college.

You can also be a part of the traineeship program by enrolling in a professional program in WLCI College.

Gain additional qualification and skills in HRM with a professional program

If you are a Human Resource professional and want to gain additional skills, then you can pursue professional programs offering knowledge and skills in different aspects of this field.

Human Resource Management involves a large number of functions. Talent Management and organizational development is one of the diverse functions which a HR department performs in an organization. Managing the talent (employees) of the organization is an important task which includes setting performance standards and reviewing performance standards. It also includes coaching of employees and conducting the process of appraisals.

You can get the requisite training in Talent Management through a professional course. This programme is aimed at developing job specific abilities and imparting knowledge in HR field. A part-time course in same will help you develop the aforementioned important skill s in HR field and enable you to gain an additional qualification in your chosen profession.

You can pursue a specialised program in Talent Management & organization development from WLC College (WLCI) and get training in this important aspect of Human Resource Management field.

Management education: The backbone of a strong corporate career

If you want to make a career in the corporate world, you need to have the requisite knowledge in business. A business management program will equip you with the relevant skills and knowledge and skills that are required to succeed in the highly competitive business world.

Business organization needs dynamic individuals and skilled management professionals who are fully trained in principles and concepts in business. Management education will equip you with knowledge of all business activities such as Sales, Talent Acquisition, Retail, Finance etc. A professional programme will provide you knowledge about all such and many more aspects of business activities and will offer specialisation in any of the three main activities of a business namely Marketing, Finance and Human Resource.A good management institute will provide you an extensive knowledge in business and prepare you for a strong career in the corporate world.

If you are searching for the best management college, then you need to know about WLCI School of Business which is one of the leading management institutions in the country. This business school offers a ‘Professional Programme in Business Management’. It offers students the best placements in the industry. WLC College (WLCI) alumni are working with top organizations and holding prominent positions in the industry.

Upgrade your knowledge of retail with a specialised retail program

Being in the retail industry means remaining vigilant and aware of the new technologies that start pouring in to attract customers. You can upgrade your knowledge by pursuing a specialized retail course. It will also increase your job prospects in the growing retail industry.

You can opt for a specialized program in retail offered by WLCI. This is 6 months course which covers all the aspects included in retail and equips you with the latest technologies being used in the retail sector, the current market trends etc.

This retail course will provide you knowledge of current retailing trends, retail forecasting, Visual Merchandising etc. You’ll get to know about Digital displays and advanced technologies that are used in retail and merchandising. The course will also teach about various retailing information systems, retail promotions, and other important aspects in retail such as Retail advertising, Sales Force management etc.

For more information on this business College, please feel free to visit at WLCI School of Business.

WLCI Placements: Highly Satisfying…

WLCI is one of the best professional institutes in the country offering courses in Business management, Fashion Technology and Advertizing & Graphic Design. WLCI students along with the classroom teaching get a wonderful opportunity to work in a real job environment under the Traineeship Advantage program. Thus, the students get hands-on experience in their chosen field and eventually they get a great start in their career. WLCI placements have been highly satisfying not only from the point of view of the students but also the recruiters. The employers too are happy with WLCI students. A couple of inspiring examples from the alumni students are mentioned as follows:

In the words of Abhinash Kayshap, Research Associate, Capital IQ, “ My days at WLCI were memorable and exciting. I gained a lot of experience through my traineeship programme and got myself a great job at the end of the course. Varun Vyas, Batch 2010 Team leader Content, E Firefly Ventures, HT Media says that “No college in India provides such a platform for success. I want to be a part of the WLCI family now and always!”

WLCI puts in great efforts to impart world class education to its students and thus for them getting placements becomes easy!

How WLCI is different from other B-schools

So what’s different about WLCI? What are the core factors that make this B-school stand apart from the crowd of B-schools. Well, there are several things that set the college apart from the hordes of other B-schools mushrooming in every part of the country. Here, we would like to discuss 3 major factors that will help you know how ‘different’ WLCI is from others.

The first differential is in terms of the superior content which is prepared in close association with the Industry. WLCI has set up the ‘Employers Council’ which comprises of Vice Presidents, General Managers of top companies who are involved in developing the course content. The WLCI Employers Council set up in 1998 today comprises of 300 senior professionals who have been closely involved in developing and modifying the content to meet the current requirements of the industry. These members are representative of organizations which are the largest recruiters in the industry. Other B-schools do not focus on such industry-oriented content.

The second thing which differentiates WLCI from other B-schools is its faculty which comprises of highly experienced and qualified trainers and mentors from the industry itself. The faculty and the programme managers at WLCI include professionals who have relevant experience in the industry and have achieved success in their respective field. WLCI makes the students accessible to the best minds from the industry under whose guidance they get a thorough understanding of their chosen field. This gives them a competitive edge over students of other B-schools who do not provide students faculty working in the industry itself. Few examples of the seasoned faculty of WLCI include Mr. Mayur Satyavrat, Director HR, Viacom 18; Mr. Ranjan Sarkar, Head- Corporate HR, RPG and there are many more from whom WLCI students are benefitting a lot.

The third factor which sets WLCI apart from other business schools is the excellent teaching methodology comprising of the highly acclaimed ‘Traineeship Programme’. The WLCI teaching method gives the students the traineeship advantage enabling them to work part-time along with their business management programme. This way they get assessed and trained by the industry professionals who give them a deep understanding of what is being taught in class. Also, WLCI students earn an attractive stipend during their training which enables them to compensate for a major part of their tuition fee. No other b-school or institute in the country provides such modern teaching methodology during a business management course.
The aforementioned factors truly set apart WLCI from other B-schools. For further information on the WLCI B-school, feel free to visit